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Iran and the video

I know there isn’t a lot of information coming out of Iran but the information (or media) that does come out is incredible. Today, I saw this video which definitely shook me to the core.

I’m sure a lot of have already seen it, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s very gruesome.

I ask you, the reader, to ignore any information you may have received about this video. I mean, there’s just so many lies being passed around about what the context of the video that it’s difficult , if not impossible to determine what really went down in that video. All you should assume is what you see in front of you, a man attempting to save an Iranian woman who has been shot, a father who is crying out and pleading with his daughter to not leave this world.

What you should take away from the video is basically that an innocent person has died for the freedom of the Iranian people. It is really as simple as that. To think of it in any other way would diminish her life, and the loss her family and friends have suffered.

The Iranian people will find a way to free themselves and I wish them all the best.

As I wrote my blog above, the “Neda” video has rippled across the internet and become an iconic symbol of struggle and sacrifice for the Iranian people. I believe we are witnessing another revolutionary moment in history, like the fall of the Berlin Wall, or Tiananmen Square protest (two starkly different situations but nevertheless symbols of human resilience against dictatorship/tyranny)

FULL CREDIT TO CNN on the article below,

FULL Original article

‘Neda’ becomes rallying cry for Iranian protests

(CNN) — “RIP NEDA, The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you.”

That post on Twitter came from a man who identified himself as an American guitarist in Nashville, Tennessee.

Amid the hundreds of images and videos of Saturday’s brutal crackdown on protesters in Iran that flooded the Internet, it was the graphic video showing the death of a young woman that touched a nerve among those following the events in Tehran for more than a week.

Like most of the information coming out of Tehran, it is impossible to verify her name, Neda, or the circumstances of her apparent death, captured close-up on a bystander’s camera.

“The final moments of her tender young life leaked into the pavement of Karegeh Street today, captured by cell phone cameras,” the unnamed blogger posted on “And not long after, took on new life, flickering across computer screens around the world on YouTube, and even CNN.” Share images from Iran

It became one of the top “trending topics” on Twitter by Saturday evening, early Sunday Tehran time.

“Neda, ojala que tu muerte no sea en vano,” one poster tweeted. “Neda, I hope that your death is not in vain.”


At least we’re getting trickles of news here and there.

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